Welcome to the IOR documentation.

Interleaved or Random is a parallel IO benchmark. IOR can be used for testing performance of parallel file systems using various interfaces and access patterns. IOR uses MPI for process synchronization. This documentation provides information for versions 3 and higher, for other versions check Compatibility

This documentation consists of tow parts.

The first part is a user documentation were you find instructions on compilation, a beginners tutorial (First Steps with IOR) as well as information about all available Options.

The second part is the developer documentation. It currently only consists of a auto generated Doxygen and some notes about the contiguous integration with travis. As there are quite some people how needs to modify or extend IOR to there needs it would be great to have documentation on what and how to alter IOR without breaking other stuff. Currently there is neither a documentation on the overall concept of the code nor on implementation details. If you are getting your hands dirty in code anyways or have deeper understanding of IOR, you are more then welcome to comment the code directly, which will result in better Doxygen output or add your insight to this sphinx documentation.